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All our courses can be tailored to meet a bespoke need, in fact, that's where our strength lies. We will meet the needs of your Organisation and the individuals within it, delivering with energy, practical examples and the BW BOOM.


A practical and experiential course, covering conversational coaching, as well as formal coaching structures, primarily utilising NLP language and techniques.The focus is on the development and refinement of coaching competencies, combined with learning tools, techniques and approaches.  A very practical course with lots of opportunities to see, practice and learn these invaluable approaches to people management.


Performance management is the on-going process of getting the best out of your employees. By following a cycle of activities, you can monitor employees and ensure those that are doing well are recognised. Meanwhile, for those who are poorly performing this framework provides a clear route by which to manage them, ideally back to optimal engagement and results, or if they are clearly not up to the job, or willing to change as required, it may be a case of looking at formal exit strategies. The role of the manager in setting and managing performance levels is crucial, but not necessarily easy! Let us help with that.


As employees are asked to communicate with a greater variety of people, they need their own conflict management skills. Most of us are less skilled at handling conflict than we should be. The challenge is to recognise potential conflict and learn to use effective skills to manage it to reach a satisfactory outcome for you, the other person(s) and your organisation. During this one-day workshop on Effective Conflict Management you will look at the best practice skills for dealing with these challenging and emotional situations.


We are regularly described as fun, energetic, challenging and insightful, our team sessions give us a fantastic platform to demonstrate these strengths. Let us know what you want to achieve by the end of the sessions and we will design a bespoke and highly effective intervention.


Courses can run from a 1 day introduction toolkit to a 6 day event, delegates will get a series of practical tools and techniques for the workplace, from emotional intelligence and awareness of self to how to carry out feedback conversations.


How do you bring a team together and get the best out of the diverse work groups you have? How do you ensure differences become strengths within your teams and not cracks that push individuals further apart? Our team dynamics course can help, either as a manager attending to understand the dynamics of your team, or as a whole team experiencing and learning together.

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