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A journey into the unknown!

This last few weeks have been an extremely useful reminder that sometimes if what you’re doing is not working, do something else.

I was contacted by an old friend and colleague; Andy Sandford at We are lean and agile to deliver some bite sized webinar sessions, something I have never done before and a method of delivery I am entirely unfamiliar with. I am used to the “whites of peoples eyes” when I deliver and I thrive off direct engagement and feedback in the moment. That methodology is tricky when the country is in lockdown!

Andy was fantastic at coaching me through the tech, demystifying the scary bits and helping me launch my very first webinar to a register of 99 people (not a bad tally for a first try!). Its fair to say we both had wobbly moments, we were very conscious of not letting each other down. In the end we did the opposite. We lifted each other up when needed and ended up delivering a pretty good session (if I do say so myself!). Check it out and see what you think..

So, in these changing times we can absolutely learn new things, challenge ourselves to push our comfort zones and hopefully make a difference to those around us. As the saying goes – an expert in anything was once a beginner. I was (still am!), an absolute beginner.

What challenges have you risen to?

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