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NLP - what's that all about then?

Our 3rd webinar series took a dip into the fascinating world of Neuro Linguistic Programming. A really interesting set of tools and principles to help manage our internal ‘state’ in a resourceful manner and to become more aware of how we react to the world around us. NLP provides us with a wee gap in our reaction time to decide our response – to choose our state. I love that, because if I choose to, I can be a right misery! All that I then need to consider is what is the cost of that choice to me and those around me? Is it worth the pay off? Some days it absolutely is, we are all human and human reactions are a perfectly reasonable response to stressors or agitations. However, some days we are just creating a problem for ourselves as an automatic response, that is in our gift, that choice is where our power lies. Easy to say, not always easy to do!

That, for me, is where the strength of NLP lies. The more I am aware of what I’m doing, the impact it’s having and the choices I’m making, the more I can change the outcomes I get from the source - me. The more I blame others, circumstances, uncontrollables, the more I am at the whim of things beyond my control.

The models we learn through NLP really link with the control dartboard, encouraging us to be responsible for our own reactions, moods, decisions and choices, after all, that’s where our strength (or misery!) lie.

There is so much out there on NLP, get into it, read up on it, question and challenge it. Or not, the choice is, (as ever) yours.

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